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Board Minutes

Date: April 2, 2014

Time: 1:00pm

Place: Tourism Board Room

Attendees: Howard Green, Lori Napper, Trentsie Williams, Ann Mendelsen, Cynthia Drakeford, Lindy Meece

Special Guests: Graham Cox and Graham’s Assistant

Minutes Approved

Minutes from 1/25/2014 approved unanminously.

President’s Report

Ware Shoals and Hodges Elementary Schools have received tennis equipment in 2014.  An anonymous individual donated $724.00 towards funding tennis equipment for 2 more schools – Woodfields and Merrywood.  There may also potentially be another donor for tennis equipment, which would mean 5 schools would receive equipment for 2014.  Graham Cox mentioned USTA has a curriculum available for the schools.  The information is available online, but if the schools wanted to receive hardback books then the cost is $35.00 for membership.  Rebecca Martel, who works in the SC USTA office, can provide additional information regarding the curriculum.

“Friends of Tennis” are individuals who sponsor kids for JTT.  Howard is actively recruiting individuals to be sponsors.

Lindy is working with the GHS league to target some of the players on the tennis team to participate in a 4 week tennis program in the summer.  Lindy has contacted seven players and has a positive response from 4 of the students.

Treasurer’s Report

The balance as  of 3/31/14 is $1629.41.  Graham mentioned the marketing grant which is a reimbursement of marketing expenses incurred while advertising tennis activities.

Website Coordinator’s Report

Our website is

If there is information which needs to be added to the website, please contact Marsha Lunsby.

Adult League Report

No formal report.  Howard will be talking with Charlie Barrineau, Greenwood City Manager, regarding adding 2 additional hard courts at the Civic Center.  We would also like to look into possible grants for the new courts.  Lori Napper mentioned lights missing on the courts and the nets on Courts 6 need adjusting.

Volunteer Report

We are in need of a volunteer coordinator.  Howard suggested Lindy would be a great fit in the position.  Graham mentioned the possibility of Landers students assiting with our JTT program.  The volunteers are needed on Saturday from 10:00 – 11:00am while JTT is in session.

JTT Report

The kick-off will be Saturday, April 5th starting at 10:00am.  There will be pizza and JTT registration during the kick-off.  Two GHS players will also provide an exhibition for the kids.  The Friday clinics will be 5:45pm-6:45pm and matches will be played on Saturday, 10:00am - 11:00am.  The goal is to have 35-40 kids  participate.

Old Business

None to report

New Business

Cynthia is working on gathering information regarding 501(c)(3) status.  This will open a lot of opportunities for CTA to apply for grants.  Graham pointed out that the 501(c)(3) status is an extensive process and he would recommend hiring an accountant/tax lawyer to help with the process.  He also noted the cost associated with applying for a 501(c)(3) status.  Graham noted Barbara Jones(St. George) has been through this application process and she would also be a great resource.

Howard is working on a summer player appreciation gathering.  The Adult League will cover the costs associated with this event.

Graham talked about the new allocation method for the local leagues receiving a percentage of dollars based on members.  He also talked about different grant opportunities.  Usually program grants are due in May. 

Trentsie suggested contacting the Index-Journal to highlight the JTT kick-off event.  She will contact the Index to see if they could provide coverage.  Graham also mentioned contacting Jonathan Braydon, who handles coordination with press about coverage of tennis events.

No date set for next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:20pm


Submitted by,

Trentsie Williams


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Date: 2/9/13
Place: Brewer Community Complex
Attendees: Howard Green, Ann, Mendelsen, Cynthia, Chuck, Shannon Bernhardt, Marsha Lusby, Mike Lusby, Trentsie Williams
Introduction made to recognize new Board Member-Trentsie Williams. Howard note that Trentsie would be willing to serve as Secretary. Chuck made motion to nominate Trentsie as Secretary. Cynthia seconded the motion. None opposed the nomination.
Introduction made to recognize new Junior Team Tennis Coordinator-Shannon Bernhardt. Shannon will take over all of the JTT duties; Howard will continue to support programs with clinics and being a coach. Mike Lusby made motion to nominate Shannon and Ann M. second the motion. None opposed the nomination.
Howard then reviewed the activities and events from 2012. Most notable accomplishments of the year was the tennis equipment given to Springfield Elementary. The equipment included 2 nets, 20 racquets, 20 cases of balls. Howard was working on a date to drop off the equipment. Also noted a correction that the Gatewood 6.5 seniors would be attending Sectionals. It was also noted that Mr. Green was the USTA SC Volunteer of the Year Award; Savannah Lakes were Sectional Champions and are headed to Nationals; Gatewood 7.5 Men’s Combo team also headed to Sectionals. GATA CTA also involved with introducing tennis to Morris Chapel Baptist Church Girl Scout Troop. 1 hour sessions on Wednesdays, providing all equipment and volunteer time. SCTPF donation of $200.00 also given again this year as in the past. Howard will continue to reach out to the Laurens area tennis players.
Ms. Mendelsen stated the ending balance for 12/31/12 was $1,114.21. The majority of income received for the association was from grants. Any fundraising efforts have previously been geared towards the Adult League. The Board then reviewed the 2013 proposed budget- Total revenue $3,157.00 and total expenses -$3,090.00. Motion made to approve the budget by Marsha and seconded by Cynthia. None opposed. Ann Mendlesen to register CTA with USTA for 5 year membership prior to 2/28/13. The CTA liability insurance has already been submitted and is current.
Marsha then gave the Board an update on the website. There was discussion regarding getting any events turned in a timely manner. It was also discussed that there needs to be an increased efforts in getting players to go to the website. Also, it was suggested to possibly have a Facebook page as another way to communicate.
Shannon gave an update on JTT for Spring 2013. She indictaed that she is working on the dates for the season and the play date schedule. She reported that the play dates have not been well attended in the past. Cynthia suggested making the play dates in tournament format to keep the kids engaged. This sugeestion was well received and to be be considered.
Possible events for 2013 were discussed. Adult League is under way. Ray Nelson, LLC was not in attendance at the meeting due to a prior commitment. Howard reported briefly that the Adult League saw an 18% growth in 2012 compared to 2011. A new 2.5 Womens team will be playing out of the civic center. Some discussion regarding a GATA Sponsored Club Championships. Mike expressed some concern about seniors playing in the adult division. That was taken into consideration and the Club Championships will be further developed and discussed in the next meeting.
Next meeting scheduled for March 12, 2013. USTA SC will be in attendance at the meeting.
Respectfully Submitted,
Trentsie Williams